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Web Development

Our senior web development team have over 10 years of experience in the field, and are well eqippped to handle any challenges or complications which may potentially arise. This allows us to fully ensure that any site we work on will be completed seamlessly and efficiently within the agreed upon timeframe.

We are skilled in HTML, PHP, JQUERY, CSS, DRUPAL, MAGENTO and WORDPRESS among others.

Web Design

At Channel Innovation, design is one of our major focuses. We ensure that your corporate identity is implemented correctly as well as creating designs which complement individual brands. From colour schemes to fonts we offer you the choice to have your website designed exactly as you envision it. Our dedicated team makes this process very simple and easy to manage for you while ensuring all of your requirements are met.

Key Questions

Depending on the project we estimate 3-4 weeks to complete development.

Your website will be hosted in our secure hosting environment which boasts a 99% uptime.

We comply and work closely with Google to ensure that your page insights are pushing at an optimum speed of 80+ constantly.

We strive to ensure that all our websites are responsive in order to display correctly on mobile, tablet, PC and other platforms without losing any content or images.

Core Focus

  • Research
  • Attending to clients requirements
  • Offering solution orientated development
  • Structured web design
  • Testing platforms on BETA and Live

Making it work

One of our philosophies at Channel Innovation is to make any project we embark on as successful as possible for us and our clients. We believe that with current technology and innovation there is nothing that can’t be achieved in the web space today.

The projects that we present to our clients are innovative and sustainable web solutions designed to enhance the business’s life cycle and constantly grow clients’ web presence.

After understanding both the projects and clients’ requirements we can begin implementing the plan in order to reach our goal of execution.

Once the project is fully planned out, structured and agreed upon by relevant parties we may now begin the execution phase and work towards achieving the goal of creating a fully operational site built to your specifications within 3-4 weeks.