About Us

About our Company

Channel Innovation is a Level 1 BEE, customer focused company that offers its services in the following fields:
- Web Development, Design and Management
- Product Development, Management and Fulfillment
- Call Center Services
- Integration
- E-Commerce Solutions
- Warehousing Solutions
- IT Hardware Fulfillment
We are proudly part of Morvest Group, we offer our services to key global brands and have achieved considerale success in growing our clients' brands.
We offer end-to-end solutions for your brand by creating an online channel to increase sales and drive solution oriented fulfillment as well as managing customer relations to ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Company History

  • 2011

    A Start up

    Prior to perfecting the E-Commerce fulfillment channel, we had a start up company called Swop and Shop. Swop and Shop allowed us to springboard our services to many brands, thus building the relationships between Channel and these brands allowing us to find a gap in the market that was missing through focused e-commerce offerings.

  • 2014

    Our New Offering

    During 2014 we re-invented ourselves from an E-commerce website into an E-commerce services company. We now drive focused campaigns and website management for key global brands.

  • 2017

    Moving Ahead

    In 2017 Channel Innovation introduced new service offerings which help grow our clients' business through mangement of their web presence, websites, customer relations and product delivery. We have also established bases in India, Dubai as well as South Africa.

  • 2020

    Continued Growth

    Channel Innovation has continued to strengthen its position in the market by increasing its experience and levels of expertise across a wider range of services. We have also continued to grow and strengthen our relationship with key suppliers encompassing multiple industries.

Our Key Clients