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We believe that your business cannot rely purely on e-commerce and the strength of its website without offering adequate support to customers, to that end we offer a dedicated customer service centre that focuses on supporting and assisting clients with their queries.

The Difference

At Channel Innovation we dedicate resources to your brand in order to better understand your products and sell them as if they were our own, we drive a sales and support orientated backend to ensure that when a customer contacts us they come away with a better understanding of your product and brand, and are confident in making their purchase.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service and support are a critical component of any e-commerce strategy, with Channel Innovation we ensure that all your customers needs are taken of and that they are left satisfied after every purchase.

Yes, we will not only manage your customer support centre and resources on your behalf, we will also help you save on costs in the process as we provide these resources for you, meaning you don’t have to expend any time or capital on sourcing, training or recruitment of these agents internally. Our solution is driven to help your business add value while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

No, we are fully equipped with all of the hardware you will require for this function. This means that you won’t need to invest in expensive hardware like a PABX system. We also will dedicate your own line and resources to your business.

Outsourcing your customer support

It has never been easier to outsource your customer service function than with Channel Innovation. We handle everything for you so that you never have to worry about inadequate support or unsatisfied customers again.

We boast a fully equipped customer support centre with resources dedicated to your brand and products.

By using our services and utilising our knowledge and expertise you will be able to better mitigate risks your business might face otherwise. These include not having adequate systems in place to deal with potential issues, not managing customer relations correctly thereby damaging your brand and reputation, among others. Let us assess and manage your risk to solve these problems for you long before they ever become a concern.

We are able to jointly offer our e-commerce solutions with web development, fulfilment and customer support services to offer you a complete solution for all your company’s online needs.