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E-Commerce is our passion at Channel Innovation, we will gladly assist you on your journey towards creating an innovative portal that will help your business achieve its online goals.

We use various platforms, secured payment gateways and reliable delivery mechanisms to ensure that your product reaches its intended destination without issues and in a manner that keeps customers satisfied and confident in making future purchases from your managed web store.

We custom build or utilise an existing CI to ensure the experience is in line with what you offer.

Channel Innovation encourages you to grow your business without the hassle of worrying about your online presence, as we manage that for you.

Let us assist you in building a secured, reliable online presence for your brand.

Key Questions

Yes, we use your existing website and modify it for an e-commerce strategy. In no time, we’ll have you set up and ready to sell products online seamlessly.

With Channel Innovation we will accept the funds on your behalf using our integrated payment gateway and secure online mechanism, we have completely mitigated the risk of fraud on all our e-commerce sites so we can ensure that you receive payment securely and on time with no issues.

We offer a complete e-commerce solution including web development, payment gateway integration, SEO, Google adwords, social marketing, order fulfilment and customer support services.

Focused Segments

Design and development is our core segment. We ensure that your e-commerce strategy complies with every regulation required. We mitigate fraud risks through our secure partnered payment gateways and we do constant testing on speed and responsiveness capabilities.

eCommerce Strategy

  • Research and Development
  • Design and Development
  • Custom Build platforms
  • Integration
  • Corporate Identity
  • Sales Driven Influence Channels
  • SEO
  • Product Listing and Management

Enhance your business through eCommerce

Our e-commerce strategies will ensure you increase your sales and strengthen your web presence.

With years of knowledge and experience, we are fully committed to helping you achieve your e-commerce goals.

We have a passionate team that are able to accommodate any requirements you may have and adapt to any challenges which may arise. We drive support and customer satisfaction as one of our primary goals.

Growth is an important aspect for any business, which is why we are passionate and committed to growing your business and sustaining our relationship with new innovative business strategies.