Product Fulfilment

At Channel Innovation, we believe that product fulfilment is a key part of any e-commerce strategy and as such we are fully equipped to manage this process on your behalf.

We have strong experience in this field and boast a 99% on time delivery rate within the last 24 months. This means that through Channel Innovation, fulfilment of sales orders becomes a easy, streamlined process that never gives you cause for concern.

We also offer after sales solutions in order to increase the credibility of your brand. We do not offer box dropping solutions, instead working with you as a partner in your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We offer 2-3 day national delivery with tracking facilities for customers.

Yes, any products which customers are unsatisfied with will be collected and replaced with the correct product.

Yes we do, by using our secure warehousing facility to hold your stock we are able to more easily control the product fulfilment process. Products will be picked, packed and shipped directly to customers from our facility making this a very easily managed and streamlined process.

Focused Delivery

E-Commerce Fulfilment

We offer secure delivery and after sales assistance to all our clients.

We ensure that any products purchased from your managed e-commerce store are always delivered securely and on time.

We aim to fulfil your products purchased through your managed e-commerce site, with dedicated customer support services and tracking in place we have a rate of 99% on time deliveries.